“All Electronics Repair is the place to go. I was unsure of the place at first but after receiving my camera back I was totally hooked. The service provided is amazing and the price for repair and cleaning is reasonable compared to other places I’ve gone. I came in seeking to repair and clean my Canon Rebel sensor after finding dirt inside my camera effecting my photos. Joe totally hooked it up with a decent price and left my camera better than new. My photos are now cleaner than before. Thanks All Electronic Repair!”
America M. La Puente, CA
“This is the place to go if you looking for quality services just ask for Joe the Man. He has took good care of me. Fixed my MacBook Pro no ones but twice. Fixed my hard drive the first time. The second time fixed it when my daughter spilled soda on the keyboard. Also has worked on my canon camera. Like I seed this is the place to go for quality work.”
Cesar R. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
“Brought in my son’s Canon camera for cleaning.Very knowledgable and professional. Reasonable price for the job. Look for Joe, he will help you out. Good guy”
Mark Anthony T.
“Brought my phone in to have my broken screen repaired by Joseph, off of a recommendation. I have to say, Joseph is a professional individual. He was very detailed about what he could do to fix my phone, gave a fair price, and even after being fixed, the sound wasn’t working properly, so he took apart my phone, told me what each part of my phone was and as he was telling me how the sound and other parts of the phone works, he was showing me at the same time. Everything works perfectly with my phone now. I’m very pleased with Joseph’s service and will be coming here for all my phone issues and will highly recommend him to others.”
Jennifer Camacho
“Joe is great. Fixed my iPhone last week and my wife’s this week for a great price. We had the same issue with messed up LCD screens. Gotta stop letting the kids play with our phones 😉 Really great service, fast, very fair. Highly recommend.”
Brett Barry
“I went to all electronics because my microphone broke. I was looking thru Google for repair places and I came across this one and I decided to give it a try because of all the wonderful comments. Well I drove to upland from loma linda and I met Joe and right away we got along he such a awesome guy who make you feel comfortable and he funny too! Well he took my microphone and he got it to fix !! I was so worried about the price but he was sooooo reasonable I was so happy and I will definitely be going back if anything happens to any of my electronics. Awesome job Joesph! Thank you so much for your service!”
Andrea Montoya
“Joseph is an amazing guy. He likes to joke a lot and tries to keep everyone happy. He speaks his mind fairly openly and is very outspoken in that regard.
He gets the job done and at a reasonable price. Went to get my Samsung Galaxy S4 repaired. Admittedly when I first looked at the place I wasn’t even sure if it was open. From the google pictures of the outside of the place I thought the place was pretty sketchy. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I met Joseph inside. He is a professional to his craft and a man who is knowledgeable in not only electronics but politics as well. Feel free to pick his brain on politics as he has a lot to say. I would recommend the place, but he is busy as many people are looking to get their electronics repaired here, so I also recommend calling and asking what is a good time to get it repaired and when to pick it back up and the price… etc.”
Conor Moldowan
“I brought two Android phones​ to him to have them looked at and diegnosed. Instead of just giving me some lame excuse about what might be wrong with them, he actually took the time to troubleshoot both of them and find out what was actually wrong with them. I was able to leave his shop with a working phone and not a giant whole in my wallet. This was by far the best experience I’ve had, when it comes to tech repair. I highly recommend his service to anyone that needs it.”
Anonymous Mr. Robot
“Just met Joseph at All Electronics in Upland. Great experience. Amazed at how he fixed my iPod while I waited. Fast friendly service. I will return again with my electronics. Nice to know where I can go to get good personal service. Will recommend him to people I know. Thanks Joseph.”
Rosa Riley
“Talked to Joseph, really honest guy. He told me my best option was to just go with the carrier insurance to fix my phone rather than paying hi to do it. I will definitely return to him in the future.”
Schyler Wessels